AGAPP, Pilmico Turns over New School Building to Host Community

The AGAPP (Aklat, Gabay, ArugaTungo sa Pag-angat at Pag-asa) school-building program will turn over on August 6 a fully-furnished school building to Iligan City North 1 Central School in Tibanga, Iligan City, benefitting some 200 students.

The new school building was constructed by Pilmico Foods Corporation through Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., the corporate social responsibility arm of the Aboitiz Group.

Pilmico, the food unit of the Aboitiz Group,donated the two-classroom building in order to address the need for additional and adequate learning spaces in Iligan City North 1.Each classroom in the brand new building will be able to serve around 25 schoolchildren.

“Our hearts and minds have always been with our children. Hence, our focus on education… as we believe that education is the most important intervention in social development. It is our way of helping our country towards progress,” said Pilmico President and CEO Sabin M. Aboitiz.

The new school facility, the 8th of its kind that Pilmico has supported constructing in Iligan, will be complemented with books, instructional materials, tables, and chairs from AGAPP and teachers from the Department of Education.

Pilmico and the Aboitiz Foundation have been supporting AGAPP since its inception in 2011, particularly in the construction of classrooms dubbed as ‘SilidPangarap’ like the one that will be turned over on Tuesday.

In the past two years, similar donations were made to Kiwalan Elementary School in Kiwalan, Northeast 1A Central School in Sta. Filomena, and Northeast 2A Central School in Dalipuga.

The Aboitiz Foundation, a key AGAPP partner,recognizes education as a critical component in nation-building and development. Education is also one of the Aboitiz Foundation’s three focus areas together with Enterprise Development and Environmental Sustainability.

Pilmico, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc., aims to be a Partner for Growth by addressing the social and economic development needs of less-privileged communities, particularly in primary health and childcare and education, in partnership with the Aboitiz Foundation, which celebrates its 25th year anniversary this year.

(From left) Randolph Tortola, DEP-ED Schools Division Superintendent, presents a plaque of appreciation to Sabin Aboitiz, Pilimico President & CEO and Jon Ramon Aboitiz, Aboitiz Foundation President, for Pilmico’s School Building Turnover Ceremony at Tomas Cabili National High School-Annex Sta. Elena last August 6.

One of the four two-story, six classroom school buildings donated by Pilmico to the Tomas Cabili NAtional High School-Annex Sta. Elena last August 6. The new structures will benefit students who were hard-hit by Typhoon Sendong over two years ago

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