Why Invest in Aboitiz Equity Ventures?


It has leadership positions in key Philippine industries:

  • Power: Top 2 generation, distribution and retail, and largest renewable capacity
  • Banking: Top 3 in terms of profitability ratios
  • Food: Top 4 feeds player in Southeast Asia
  • Infrastructure: Top 2 cement player, one of the largest bulk water projects
  • Land: Emerging national player

It has clear expansion targets. By 2030, it will  grow: 

  • Energy generation capacity to 9,200MW
  • Cleanergy capacity to 50% of energy mix (reducing coal capacity to 32%)
  • Bank market share to above industry growth
  • Animal feeds milling capacity to 5.3 million MT per annum; swine production capacity to 29,000 sow heads
  • Water business capacity to 370 MLD
  • Common towers business
  • Non-power share of portfolio to ~50% of beneficial EBITDA
  • Overseas activity to ~10% of beneficial EBITDA

It has a strong foundation for sustained growth:

  • Legacy of 200 years
  • Experienced management team
  • Strong financial position
  • 10-year ESG Road Map (includes risk management)

What are its business strategies?

The Aboitiz Group strategy is best understood through four strategic pillars that guide it in creating long term value for all its stakeholders:

  • Grow the business
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Build human capital
  • Execute with excellence

A key component of its strategy is to match its business expansion with sustainability initiatives, and to strengthen its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.


What are its competitive strengths?

The Company believes that its principal strengths are the following:

  • Diversified business segments backed by a proven track record of growth
  • Strong financial position and the ability to obtain limited recourse and corporate level financing
  • Reputable and experienced management team supported by an engaged and attentive board
  • Strategic partners and key alliances over generations of operational success in all core businesses
  • Established corporate reputation instituted by the “Aboitiz Way”

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