Our Leaders

With five generations of Aboitiz Group business success behind it, AEV is moving forward, pursuing its vision to be a truly sustainable enterprise that can be entrusted to future generations.

Our Leaders

The Aboitiz Group has always taken pride in leadership excellence across five smooth transitions in top management while retaining the simple and intrapreneurial approach that fueled the group’s expansion. This has played an integral part in the continuity of policies and execution of our strategic business plans with every turn of the tide. Today, as a new generation of leaders of our business takes shape, we consider ourselves as a family-led enterprise that will continue to produce leaders from within our ranks, a leadership bench that is capable of stimulating healthy change and progress in the organization.

Aboitiz leaders from the Board to senior executives uphold the tenets of good corporate governance, social responsibility and sustainability in keeping with its mission of creating long-term value for all its stakeholders.


The AEV Board of Directors is a fully engaged fiduciary body of highly professional directors that work under environments of respect and and collegiality, where candidness and robust discussions are not only encouraged but are the norm.


The Board is composed of three independent directors, and independent-minded executive and non-executive members who have diverse professional backgrounds, such as economics, corporate finance, engineering, accounting, audit, chief executive and chief operations experience, investment banking, private, government sector and multilateral agencies sector, as well as experience in policy-making bodies.

The AEV Board Committees consist of the following: Audit Committee, Risk and Reputation Management Committee, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Committee Related Party Transactions Committee, Executive Committee, and Cybersecurity Committee.


The Board and Management Team work through other committees for the formulation and implementation of management policies. These other committees and group initiatives include: Group Management Committee, AEV Corporate Management Committee, Corporate Services Committee, Core Human Resources Committee, Data Committee, Group Management Committee/Risk Management Council, Insurance Management Committee, Investment Committee, IT Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Compliance Committee, Retirement Fund Committee and Risk Committee, Reputation Committee.


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