TSUNEISHI Turns Over Day Care Center to Barangay Buanoy

December 17, 2012, Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu) Inc. (TFCI) in partnership with the Municipality of Balamban-Barangay Buanoy turned over a 1-storey 3-classroom building to the community. Present were Buanoy Barangay Captain Hon. Pedro Agustines Jr., President-TFCI Mr. Hitoshi Kono, MSWD Representative Mrs. Lucina Milan, Municipal V-Mayor of Balamban Ms. Rosie Binghay, and Municipal Mayor of Balamban Hon. Mayor Ace Stefan V. Binghay.  Also present were parents and teachers of Buanoy Day Care Center.

Mr. Kono told everyone present: ‘We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to become part of this endeavor.  We are very happy with the full support we are getting from the local community.’ Mr. Kono said.

‘We believe in the youth being the future leaders.’ He added.  The foundation will therefore continue to build more schools to improve the level of education in Balamban  Municipal Mayor Binghay for his part thanked the foundation for its remarkable contributions not only to the Municiaplity of Balamban, and all neighbouring towns as well.

Barangay Captain Agustines and Municipal V-Mayor Binghay led the unveiling of the marker.  Joining them were Municipal Mayor of Balamban, Mayor Ace Stefan V. Binghay, Mr. Hitoshi Kono, and Mrs. Lucina Milan. Executive Director – TFCI Mr. Romeo A.

Rosalejos handed the Certificate of Completion and Acceptance to the barangay captain and day care worker Ma. Gold Cuadernal.
A total of 146 students can now use the new day care center.  They also received a school bag with school supplies. Ms. Montecillo, a Buanoy Central School teacher said: “Our quest to inculcate in the minds of our young pupils the importance of education is once again reinforced through cooperation and coordination with generous people and institution like the TFCI that give importance to the welfare of our young learners. As a teacher, this is a great accomplishment to uplift the quality of education in our own barangay.” Also, last November 10, 2012, the foundation also turned over a birthing center to Asturias.  No less than Cebu Governor Hon. Gwen Garcia witnessed the event. This brings to 10 the total bed capacity of the Asturias birthing center.

Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu) Inc., is a corporate foundation of Tsuneishi Group of Companies established in 2010 located at Tsuneishi Group Admin. Building WCIP-SEZ, Buanoy, Balamban Cebu, Philippines. It aims to develop the total potentials of the beneficiaries resulting to an elevated economic status of the family that eventually flourishes the relationship and key life values among them and of the total community as a whole. TFCI shall exhaust all means to enrich people’s lives by providing support to the local community students a quality education, providing a better education facility to its local community, and providing significant community contribution.

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