The Aboitiz Group launches Cleanergy Park for environment conservation and biodiversity enhancement

The Aboitiz Group has created an 8-hectare outdoor biodiversity learning center developed to share and highlight the rich natural resources of the Davao Gulf.

The property, now called Cleanergy Park, has long been a sanctuary to the critically endangered Pawikan (Hawksbill) turtle, and is surrounded by a 37-hectare marine protected area that serves to nurture a rare and diverse ecosystem.

In addition to being a turtle sanctuary, it is also a haven for various species of trees, birds and fish through a mangrove forest and a coastal forest, a fish sanctuary, seagrass beds and coral reefs.

Through the management of AboitizPower subsidiary Davao Light and Company, additional structures have been provided to enhance the visitors’ learning experience- a Turtle Sanctuary Viewdeck, a Mangrove Boardwalk, a Weather Station and Learning Center, and a Seedling Nursery and Botanical  Garden.

“This park  is one of the flagship projects under our groupwide sustainability agenda, which is  anchored on our belief that we can do well by doing good, always making the right long-term decisions that balance the interests of people, planet, and profit”, said Jaime Jose Aboitiz, AboitizPower Distribution Group EVP and COO.

The group’s various business units have long been practicing sustainability practices individually.  But the organization is now working more cohesively, and developing group-wide initiatives to pursue the goal of being a truly sustainable enterprise that one can entrust to future generations.

Some of the group’s long-term programs include the Race to Reduce Program that promotes the efficient use of water, paper, and electricity; Wealth on Waste that aims to creatively recycle waste materials after its useful life; and the A-Park program that recently pledged an additional 6 million trees by 2020 over the 3.4 million already planted since 2010.

Today with the Cleanergy Park, the Aboitiz Group hopes to provide a model of habitat conservation and biodiversity management that will be open to students, researchers, conservationists and other individuals who support environment conservation and awareness.

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