Our Sustainability Framework

  To drive sustainability throughout its business, Aboitiz focuses on three key areas based on the triple bottom line approach—people, planet, and profit—where it believes it can make the greatest difference to the Group and its stakeholders. This framework is used to set targets, improve performance, and extend the scope of the value it creates.



Our goal is to partner with our stakeholders to create shared value. As a socially responsible organization,we believe in providing employment and ensuring that our team members grow in and with the organization.With the aim of being the neighbor of choice, we help uplift lives and make our host communities sustainable and disaster resilient. We ensure that we provide a commercially sustainable customer experience, always delivering on our promise of building a BetterWorld.

Goal: Partner withiour stakeholders to create shared value.

Team Member Enagement and Development Attract, retain, and optimize A-people
Corporate Social Responsibility Partner with communities to promote inclusive growth.
Disaster Resilience  Increase the capacity of local governament and the public in disaster preparedness
Customer Focus Provide a comercially sustainable customer experience.

Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact. We are committed to growing our businesses in a manner that has the least adverse effect on the environment and our communities. We aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, and recycle whenever possible. We strive to provide reliable and reasonably priced power while tapping renewable energy sources where and when feasible. 

Goal: Minimize our environmental impact.
Carbon Emissions Reduction Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across facilities under our control. 
Resource Efficiency Managee resource efficiently
Waste  Management Reuse and recycle
Renewable Energy (RE) Tap other RE resources and strengthen our
​renewable energy portfolio with the development of more
hydropower and geothermal capacit.

Our goal is to grow profitably. We aim to continually enhance shareholder value by being true to ethical business practices, sticking to our core competencies and executing well-defined strategies. We will continue to explore opportunities while managing our operations prudently, utilizing our resources wisely to ensure long-term financial growth and profitablity.

Goal: Grow profitability

Financial Return Grow profitability
Financial Growth Grow profitability