Republic Cement taps Singapore-based Aboitiz Data Unit To Decarbonize Cement Process

Republic Cement taps Singapore-based Aboitiz Data Unit To Decarbonize Cement Process

Republic Cement, one of the Philippines’ leading construction solutions providers, recently teamed up with data science unit Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), as part of the company’s thrust to improve business operations, curb carbon emissions, and increase efficiency.

The two Aboitiz companies collaborated to create an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that predicts cement quality based on historical data. Through the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) solutions, the company was able to optimize the manufacturing process of its cement, drastically decreasing carbon emissions while creating stronger compounds — a first in the Philippine cement industry.

“By being able to optimize the cement manufacturing process through data science, Republic Cement is able to better manage its resources and increase efficiency of use when it comes to raw materials. This will also lead to more sustainable operations in the long-run,” said  Nabil Francis, Republic Cement President and CEO.

Meanwhile, ADI is the newest company under the Aboitiz Group. Based in Singapore, the tech startup is poised to leverage on the strong data science ecosystem and diverse network of multinational businesses located in what is widely considered as the center of innovation in Asia. 

Since its formal launch in April, the data science company has wasted no time in demonstrating its transformative capabilities across the Group. This project with Republic Cement offers a preview into the potential of harnessing data science to drive business and sustainability results. 

“Going forward, we envision Data Science as a key differentiator in driving digital transformation,” said Aboitiz Data Innovation Managing Director, Dr. David R. Hardoon. “This use case of data science is a perfect example of synergies between the different subsidiaries of the Aboitiz Group. In working with Republic Cement, we are able to demonstrate how exactly Data Science can empower an organization to achieve business value while achieving measurable goals.”

As the DSAI governance center of the Aboitiz Group, ADI is responsible for the capacity building of DSAI capabilities across the businesses through demonstration, awareness, enablement, and ecosystem partnership contracting. Over the long term, the data science unit aims to roll out external DSAI products and services to prospective partners in search of innovative solutions.

“Even as the newest company under the Aboitiz Group, we are just as committed to fulfilling our purpose of advancing business and communities through the power of data science. We will explore new possibilities, create greater impact and deliver value for our stakeholders.” he adds.

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