Enabling and Accelerating Aboitiz’s Great Transformation through DSAI

Enabling and Accelerating Aboitiz’s Great Transformation through DSAI

Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) arm of the Aboitiz Group, developed and deployed innovative solutions with a number of business units across the Group, creating new opportunities or tackling business, environmental, social, and governance challenges. These include promoting financial inclusion together with UnionBank through Enhanced AIpowered Alternative Credit Scoring and Risk Models, and improving operational efficiency and environmental sustainability in cement manufacturing plants through the 28-Day Predictive Strength Model, to name a few. Other projects like the Data Science Upskilling Program under SN Aboitiz Power’s Data Acquisition, Reporting and Analytics— or “DARna”—Program also pave the _way for the development of future-ready talents.

In an effort to unlock and synergize Aboitiz ecosystems, ADI launched ’ar’ ly, a data exchange platform that will significantly accelerate efficiency, quality, and productivity across all the conglomerate’s subsidiaries and moving parts.

Adding value to the Group’s techglomerate premium, Parlay will provide easy access and sharing of vast, varied, and valuable data resources across the Group’s entire ecosystem.

“Data is the business of the present. With Parlay, we’re really excited about providing a place where you can exchange the reams of data you have collected for something even bigger and better — an infinite number of possibilities,” said ADI Managing Director Dr. David R. Hardoon.

Under the first phase of this project, ADI will focus on onboarding all the businesses of the Group to Parlay, while the next phase targets to open the platform to external organizations.

Parlay was built on a Harbor platform with the objective of creating a centralized place to manage, share, and collaborate on data products across the Group’s portfolio through automated data sharing agreements, the enablement of secure multi-party collaboration, and connecting of data sets to generate new insights.

Established in 2021, ADI aims to take full advantage of data to advance the Group’s digital transformation journey by operationalizing DSAI across all its business units. It plays an integral role in the Group’s ‘Great Transformation’ into an organization that is consistently resilient and future-ready. #

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