Building and Sustaining
the Aboitiz Leadership

The Aboitiz Group recognizes the pivotal role
of the leadership team in growing the business
and becoming a formidable partner in creating
shared value. This highlights the importance of
placing succession management and leadership
development as the topmost priorities in the HR
agenda for the Group.

Sustaining leadership in Aboitiz means:
• Defining the Aboitiz Leadership Model
• Assessing leadership capabilities today and
• Enabling leaders through high-impact
• Future proofing’ the Aboitiz leader


Defining the Aboitiz Leadership Model

“Begin with the end in mind” is the overarching
philosophy that guides the Aboitiz definition of
leadership. In developing its people to become
effective leaders, the Group first identified
the unique and desirable leadership traits and
measures its leaders based on how well they are
able to manifest this select set of competencies.

At the heart of every Aboitiz leader is the
commitment to live out the organizations core
values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and
responsibility. The Aboitiz leader is also equipped
with the right competencies to adapt to challenges
using innovative responses. With the help of a
consultant from Leadership Circle ™, the Aboitiz

leader was further re-defined through the six
leadership dimensions: mentoring and developing,
fostering teamwork, courageous authenticity,
achieving results, sustainable growth, and integrity.
In 2015, these leadership dimensions were rolled
out through various programs and interventions to
help leaders embrace these key elements to be an
integral part of the Aboitiz leader DNA.
Assessing our Leadership Capabilities
Today and Tomorrow

The winning traits that made Aboitiz leaders of the past
highly successful may not be the same set of traits that
will be required of leaders to succeed in the future.
The tremendous growth of the Aboitiz Group in recent
years has forced it to take stock of its leadership bench
and acknowledge the real challenges it faces toward
sustaining leadership. These challenges include aging
leaders, a thin pool of potential successors, and an
inadequate view of the current state of succession
management happening across the Group. To close
these gaps, HR has enforced a robust succession
management program, compelling all leaders
to become responsible for identifying potential
successors and honing their proteges.

Today, a formal and structured succession
management program, has been institutionalized as
part of the overall leadership strategy. Each leader’s
profile is reviewed and discussed at least twice a year
by the succession committee. A succession strategy
of “build, buy or borrow talent” is also firmly in
place for each identified critical leadership position
in the organization. The Group’s leadership bench is
constantly being studied in order to achieve a healthy
balance of internal and external successors.
Enabling Leaders through High-Impact
In 2015, HR launched the concept of self-driven
career management, which is about empowering
leaders rather than their superiors to chart their
own development and career aspirations. This
management program has stirred a whole new
mindset of leaders being in charge of their own
advancement and opening up for them various
career opportunities across the Group.

A number of leadership development programs has
been made available in the form of formal training,
online courses and experiential learning. Recognizing
that coaching and mentoring is a leadership skill that
will be most required in an organization of the future,
an intensive coaching and mentoring workshop has
been developed and conducted for all leaders.

In 2015, the Better Ways Academy, a web-based one-
stop hub of learning programs, tools, and resources,
was restructured to include programs specifically
designed to shape future Aboitiz leaders and to equip
them with competencies that will catapult them from
leading the self, to leading others, to leading teams
and ultimately toward leading the organization.
Making the Aboitiz Leader ‘Future Proof’
The Aboitiz Group is at a crucial crossroad where
the passing of the baton from the current to the
future generation of leaders is about to take place.
The younger leaders, including young members
of the 5th generation Aboitiz family, with high
potential talents are being prepared on accelerated
development programs for the transition. Aboitiz
is among the few multi-generational family-based
conglomerates that seeks to preserve its mission
and core values for generations to come. HR
closely monitors and regularly evaluates the
performance of 5th generation Aboitiz family
members who have actively joined the workforce
as management associates in recent years.

As the Groups younger set of new leaders inch
their way up the corporate ladder, reaching
a delicate balance of wisdom gained through
experience and having a fresh contemporary
perspective is the ultimate combination HR seeks
to attain in order to develop trust for the senior
leadership of the future.