Banking and
Financial Services


AboitizPower’s Generation
Business Group is one of
the largest private power
producers in the Philippines.
The company operates 45
generation facilities across the
country, harnessing power
from a right mix portfolio of
renewable (hydro, geothermal
and solar) and non-renewable
(coal and oil) energy sources.
The Group ensures that its
generated power is available
and reliable, with facilities
operating efficiently at the
lowest possible cost, and with
the least adverse effects on the
environment and their host
The Distribution Business
Group is composed of eight
utilities, including the nation’s
second and third largest, which
supply electricity to high-
growth areas in Central Luzon,
Visayas and Mindanao. The
Group continues to implement
innovative and efficient ways
to serve the growing needs of
about 882,000 customers.

UnionBank ranks 8 th largest
in resources & loans, 7th in
deposits, and 6 th in capital as of
end 2015. It offers a wide range
of quality financial products and
services to retail customers,
middle market and corporate
clients, as well as major
government institutions. The
bank distinguishes itself through
superior technology, a unique
branch sales and service culture,
and centralized backroom

UnionBank’s acquisition of thrift
bank City Savings Bank from
AEV in January 2013, is aligned
with its FOCUS 2020 strategy of
becoming a great retail bank.
CitySavings specializes in granting
salary loans to teachers.

PETNET is the country’s
largest Western Union agent
network, which includes over
300 company-owned locations
and 1,800 sub-agents located
in banks, pawnshops, business
centers, money changers, and
supermarkets. AEV acquired a
51% stake in the loc

Pilmico is among the top
three flour milling companies
in the Philippines, and is
also a major player in the
animal feeds and swine
production sectors. Pilmico
is committed to ensuring the
highest level of quality in its
products and throughout
all aspects of its operation;
thereby guaranteeing market
competitiveness and increased
customer satisfaction. In 2014,
the Pilmico International
acquired Vinh Hoan Feeds, an
aqua feeds plant in Vietnam,
marking Pilmico's entry in the
international market.