Media Events

Media Events 2018

  • Aboitiz Media Movie Block Screening (Manila) - May, Exact date and venue TBA
  • Annual Stockholders Meeting Press Conference - May, Exact date and venue TBA
  • Aboitiz Cebu Media Roundtable - June, Exact date and venue TBA
  • CSR Month Media Tour with Aboitiz Foundation, July, Exact date and venue TBA
  • Aboitiz Lechon Party (Manila) - September 12, Fairmont Hotel Makati
  • Aboitiz Media Movie Block Screening (Cebu) - September, Exact date and venue TBA
  • 13th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit, November, Exact date and venue TBA
  • Aboitiz Mindanao Media Party, October 5, Venue TBA
  • Aboitiz Visayas Media Party, November 23, Venue TBA

Media Events 2017

  • Leadership Circle Media Briefing with Bob Anderson, January 17, Torch Restaurant